In Search of Bluebonnets

Since I’ve arrived back in Texas, I am sure I’ve driven him half crazy with vigilant search for the first bluebonnet blooms of 2012. When I left the freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions of Canada in January, I had a vision of Texas as a tropical paradise.  When greeted by bare trees,  record rainfalls and chilling temperatures, I was quickly reminded of how volatile the winters here can be. Undeterred, I immediately began my quest to find the first bluebonnets of the season.

This past weekend I was rewarded with a sighting alongside I-30 in Fort Worth. Although it wasn’t the most ideal place to traipse, and take photographs, we parked in a safe, off the road location and walked to the area where we’d spotted the purplish blue spikes.

First Bluebonnets of 2012 have been spotted, and it looks to be a great year thanks to the recent ample rain and warm temperatures.

If you have plans to attend the Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis, Texas in April, be aware that they trending early this year, and according to the City of Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau, they are expected to peak in the 2nd week of April, even though the festival is scheduled for April 21-22, 2012.  You can stay informed about any changes to the expected peak time frame by visiting and clicking on the Bluebonnet Trails tab.

Remember to be careful where you tread, so that we can keep enjoying these floral treasures next year.

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