Restaurant Review: Melis Taqueria

I never was a fan of fast food, and with the recent “pink slime” controversy, I am even less of one now. That said, sometimes, time constraints being what they are in the fast paced world, we need to grab something quick, as we’re headed off in the thirty different directions in which life calls you. It was one of those such times that I discovered Melis Taqueria on Vickery (between Montgomery and Hulen Sts.)

The taqueria itself is a scant step up from a shed, which only adds to the ambiance, in my humble opinion. The emphasis is on the food — plentiful portions, fast service and maximum taste. It has now become a weekly addiction.

It all started off with an order of pork carnitas on a handmade tortilla. Flavorful enough on its own, but enhanced greatly with the verde sauce, fresh lime slice and pico de gallo provided.  I can also heartily recommend their tortas, which is basically a Mexican sandwich. In our case the filling was a thin, breaded piece of beef, with ample lettuce and tomatoes on an oblong telera (bun), which found big enough for two to share for a noon day meal.

What keeps me going back however, are their breakfast burritos. They’ve  become a Sunday morning tradition. They have all the regular fillings such as chorzio, egg and beans to choose from. We go for the bacon, potato and egg combo and are never disappointed. They offer both a red (hot/his) and verde (milder/hers) sauce on the side. A fresh, warm tortilla filled with freshly made ingredients equals my kind of fast food.

In addition to being a quick, authentic option to your standard fast food fare, Melis also beats the competition down with extremely affordable prices. You can have franchise food anywhere, anytime on the planet — let’s support the small independents in our culinary community that give our region a unique flavor of its own, and something to write home about. Help keep the tradition alive.

Melis Taqueria is located at 4304 W Vickery Blvd, in Fort Worth.

Melis' carnitas, my kind of fast food...

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