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Burleson Native Phil Hamilton Hits #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report

Let’s face it – these days everyone thinks they can make a record, and true enough, if you’ve got the money and the right equipment you can self produce a collection of your favorite karaoke songs in your living.

Many people share the same dream, but few artists ever succeed in climbing to the top spot of a music chart. Nowadays, with the Texas music scene more competitive than ever, a #1 hit is even more of a momentous accomplishment.

This week Burleson, Texas native Phil Hamilton did just that on the Texas Regional Radio Chart with his hit single “Bad” from his sophomore album Renegade Rock n Roll.  ‘Bad’ is the album’s second single.  Hamilton’s personal favorite of the album,  the song was penned in the studio while laying down other tracks.

Needless to say, Hamilton’s riding the top of the wave with a smile. “I can’t even describe the feeling of satisfaction and gratitude, it’s a true turning point in my career for sure.”

Growing up in Texas, Phil Hamilton has been able to experience and support some of the best the state has to offer, and in turn they’ve given him inspiration. “I’m a fan of Pat Green and always will be, he brought change to the music scene years ago and the spirit of his music will always be a part of what we’re all doing, and of course my favorite Texas country artist, Tom Petty.”

Hamilton’s own presence on the music scene has been steadily growing over the past few years. While fellow high school graduating classmate Kelly Clarkson took her music to the top down a yellow brick road, Hamilton’s path was down a long, well traveled red dirt road. His  work ethic and perseverance has paid off, but along the way the landscape has changed. “It’s become very competitive, sad to say to say the camaraderie isn’t as strong as used to be. It’s becoming so challenging to break through in the business that everyone is scared and some feel threatened by another’s success.”

When asked what advice he’d give to those who are looking to break into the Texas music scene, his answer is straight forward. “I would say work hard, treat it like a business and seek out good people to work with such as management, etc. you have to work harder than any of the people or your band, only then do you get the respect and have a team willing to work along side you and follow you through the tougher times.”

That all said, Hamilton has persevered and kept his end goals in sight. He’s figured out what he’s had to do, and stayed focused.  Being in North Texas, as opposed to Austin, has been especially beneficial.  Although the Texas capital has been touted as the Live Music Capital of the World, its musicians struggle to make a decent living. Being able to make ends meet, allows for music to move from being a weekend hobby to a full time career. Hamilton understands this all too well. “It’s all about location, Austin TX is home to some of the most talented musicians and therefore there are a lot of great acts willing to play for cheap.” he shares,  “The key is to find new markets and build the fans, doing so you can control your own destiny and make more money each time you come back which in turn helps keep you on the road and finding more new markets.”

Business aside, Hamilton’s Renegade Rock n Roll is an album that has plenty of shelf life still in it. The current #1 single is the second release from the stellar red dirt rocker, and there are plans to release more to Texas radio. Based on the warm welcome all of his other single releases have received from the public and media, there will be plenty more opportunities for Hamilton to enjoy the view from the top of the charts. His songs are authentic and well written.

It’s an album he is feels proud of, and rightly so. Like a proverbial father of ten unique and special children, he has a hard time picking a favorite track. “It’s tough to choose one, that’s what is special about this record to me. It’s a collaboration of songs that I have felt and lived since starting this journey.”

Thankfully for all of us, Phil Hamilton has graciously taken us along for the ride.

So what does Phil Hamilton do to follow up a #1 song? By kicking back and relaxing on the Frio River, and inviting everyone to come and join him, of course. The 1st  Annual Philthy on the Frio is set to take place Jun 1, 2 and 3rd in Leakey Texas.  “It will be just a great time to party, cut loose and enjoy the beautiful Texas Hill Country and  live music,” he shares. “Floating the river is a Texas tradition and this will hopefully be the first of many Philthy on the Frio’s to come!” More details can be found on Phil’s website.

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And the Winner Is….

The winners of the 2nd Annual Texas Regional Radio Awards were announced Sunday night in Arlington, Texas

Being in the music business can sometimes be a pretty thankless job. Sometimes those endless nights on the road are nothing but a blur of names, faces and smoke-filled barrooms. Sometimes an artist wonders if he’s making a difference or wasting his time.

This past Sunday at the Arlington Music Hall, some of Texas’ finest troubadours had those feelings put to rest at the 2nd Annual Texas Regional Radio Awards.

Emcees for the event were the lovely Ali Dee and the equally lovely, and effervescent Deryl Dodd.

Emcee Deryl Dodd, performed "She'll Have You Back" from his Pearl Snaps album as well as an impromtu acoustic performance of "You Just Can't Say No to Larry Joe"

Throughout the show the stage showcased some of the nominees as they performed to an appreciative crowd of peers and fans. Aside from a few minor technically difficulties and one wayward drummer – the performances, peppered throughout the award presentations were a top notch, well rounded representation of what the moniker “Texas Music” encompasses.

A clear stand-out was the performance by Zane Williams and Kylie Rae Harris, as they sang Pablo and Maria. Also performing were Deryl Dodd, Ali Dee, Steve Helms, Matt Hillger, Bo Phillips, Blacktop Gypsy, Jamie Richards, TJ Broscoff, Randy Rogers and Brady Black, and the Casey Donahew Band.

The awards during the first half of the show were handed out to the winning nominees in the radio industry categories:

Radio Station of the Year

Super Market – KHYI, Dallas
Large Market – KNUE, Tyler
Medium Market – KRVF, Corsicana
Small Market – KNAF/KEEP Fredericksburg
Out of Region – WDMS, Greenville MS
Internet Radio Station –
Syndicated Radio Station Show – Texas Red Dirt Roads

On-Air Personality

Super Market – Justin Frazell, KFWR, 95.5 The Ranch – Fort Worth
Large Market – Neely Yates, KJDL, Lubbock
Medium Market – Nash and Carey Dean, KRVF, Corsicana
Small Market – JD Rose, KNAF/KEEP, Fredericksburg
Out of Region – Ashton Taylor, KVOM, Morrilton AR

Festival/Event of the Year – Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Fest
Record Label of the Year – Winding Roads Music

On-Air personality, Justin Frazell won this year’s Humanitarian Award for his efforts to raise funds with his annual “Pickin’ for Preemies” charity event.

There were three new artist awards given to up and coming performers.  Heather Roberts took home the award for New Female Vocalist, William Clark Green took home the New Male Vocalist and Six Market Blvd. took home the prize for New Duo/Band/Group.

Sweeping multiple categories was the Eli Young Band for their hit song “Crazy Girl”, taking home the honors for: Duo/Group, Song, Single and Music Video.

Sunny Sweeney won Female Vocalist and Stoney LaRue took home the Male counterpart.

It was Texas Music scene veteran Randy Rogers and his band, that took home the evenings top 2 awards, much to the pleasure of the audience.  Randy and the band won both Album of the Year (Burning the Day) and Entertainer of the Year.

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